FFfAW – The Prism

Thank you Jade M. Wong for this amazing photo!

He’s had the pink prism for some time now. Mother said to guard it well and he keeps it with him always. One cool September night he hears a whisper in his dream.

“On the day the earth’s equator passes through the center of the sun, find an ancient shadow clock at noon, and lay the prism in the middle before the shadow reappears.”

He consults his battered tablet and travels deep into the old country.

As the hour draws near, his heart starts to race and his palms grow sweaty from anxiety, still he holds on to his prism tightly. He strokes the curves of the sun dial lovingly.

The sun is beating down on his back and he feels a tightness in his chest as he places the prism precisely in the middle. He feels flushed in a pink haze. Then he sees her!

Gracefully she steps out of captivity, bathed in a soft pink light and rose colored flecks.

He bows and kneels before her beauty.

The Rose Queen is finally free.


This is my 175 word story for the flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We are given a photo prompt and approximately 75-175 words with which to create our stories. It is fun and everyone is invited to participate. For more information, click HERE.

Click on the blue froggy button to read all the amazing stories submitted for this challenge.


48 thoughts on “FFfAW – The Prism

  1. Great story Gina, you have lots of imagination. I’ve read that we should imagine ourselves bathed in a pink soft cloud everyday for few minutes as a way to increase our self-love. Just remember it now reading your story. Have a great night and pink dreams.

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    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I just recently started liking pink, hated it at one time, a time when I probably had little or no self -love so this is nice to know. thank for liking the little story! The prism was just too perfect!

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    1. Thank you Jade! Loved your photo that accompanied our prompt this week! Marvelous! She’s interesting now isn’t she, rising out of a sun dial, she must have some sort of link with time then. Thank you for reading, waiting to read your take soon.

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      1. Starting too many i cant seem to finish JAdee, but surely they are tucked away for the future when i gather enough time to just sit and not constantly rushing somewhere. Thank you for the warm encouragement, really means lot to me.

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  2. Your lovely little tale plays out so well. You manage to create a mystery which kept me guessing what would happen once he did as instructed in his dream. The ending is delightful, and I hope the story continues to be ‘happy ever after’ now that the Rose Queen is free from captivity. The name definitely suggests she’ll be nice! A great piece of fantasy, Gina. Well written.

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    1. As I mentioned in another reply, fairy tales often use certain colours to determine good or bad or angry and sad, so to me the pink was just goodness, happy and lots of abundant love and that’s what this Queen will be. Thanks for liking this little tale, first time I have a happy ending in such a long time, colours have a serious effect on me!


      1. Yes, I noticed that, and I agree as to the meaningfulness of colours. Pink is not a colour I’d wear, but in Nature, many lovely things are pink – like beautiful flowers and wonderful sunsets. Pink is a happy colour, I agree.

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      2. It’s funny, I don’t imagine people in your hot and sunny part of the world wearing black and grey. Bright colours go hand in hand with a hot climate in my imagination. Perhaps it’s because the holiday clothes of most Brits are colourful.
        In art and displays, pink can be very expressive – and create a joyful feel.

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      3. oddly we seem to have lots of dark colours here, but then we spend a lot of time in air conditioned comfort so you would see many people with twinsets and sweaters indoors. young people also like black as its trendy and “cool”.!!


    1. Thank you! Coming from you who writes brilliantly that’s a huge compliment…these are just little tales that seem to pop up out of the blue. But I sincerely thank you for reading and leaving these inspiring words.


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