FFfAW – Seeing red

Thank you Grant-Sud for our photo prompt this week!

A long time ago my grandfather walked out one evening into the desert and never returned. I was 10 years old when he left, 13 years have passed since I last saw him alive. But I dream of him regularly and he tells me secret things. I would wake up and tell my father about it but I was always scolded and shooed away.

Last night the dream was more vivid and the instructions were clear. So I packed what I needed and went out in search of the secret my grandfather said was there. I find the old leather bag tucked in a ledge as he has described it in my dream.

I sit on a ledge overlooking the vast desolate space before me and my eyes see red, the colour of fortune and good luck. I hug the bag closer.

But when I show it to my father all I see is a bag filled with red dust. Everyone starts laughing and I curse grandfather for picking me to bring his secret home.

Thank you Priceless Joy for hosting this challenge. This is my 175 word story for the flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We are given a photo prompt and approximately 75-175 words with which to create our stories. It is fun and everyone is invited to participate. For more information, click HERE.

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28 thoughts on “FFfAW – Seeing red

      1. Yes I do get that, a continuation would be like playing fit the pieces, but my stories are always open ended and I like letting the reader decide which way it might go. Too influenced by twilight zone maybe!


    1. Thanks Graham for the comment! I do like to leave the ending for the reader to imagine and go on. you would be on one of the threads I imagined. She brought back grandfathers secret but his secret also held a treasure, could be a diamond of even gold hidden in the dust.

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    1. Oh Michael that’s an amazing twist to the plot! I would never have thought that. Do expand on it if you like. Nectar of life from one generation to another, and the carefully selected guardian of the secret. Wow! thanks for giving such life to the little story.

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    1. Thanks Barbara! Let your imagination run wild or release all those long forgotten stories from your childhood and see what you come up with. stories are really treasures we share when we speak the same language. Love you dropping by to comment!


    1. I have very strong memories of my grandad as he brought us up when mum and dad were away working, his stories were the foundation of my childhood. Thank you for reading and hopefully the thoughts it conjured up were of good times not bad with your own grandfather.

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  1. A lovely little story of hopes, dreams and fond memories. Perhaps the ending wouldn’t be such a disappointment for the family if they investigate the stories behind that red dust just a little bit further.

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  2. Lovely, Gina. Hopefully she doesn’t cast aside her dreams and her grandfather’s red dust because the rest of her family are unable to see their importance. I’m sure if she looks closely she’ll find something special hidden within… 🙂

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