FFFAW – Jack chop down that tree!

They have been friends forever, through ups and downs, they have always been together.

One-day Jack’s mother asks him to cut down the old fir tree by the front, its roots seemed to have died and it was tilting to one side.

The boys help Jack chop down the tree. They are strong young men but the tree seemed to be firmly stuck to the ground. No tool could help them budge the tree, then they try one last tactic.

Peter brings his mini forklift and they tie a thick rope around the tree and pull, unsuccessfully.

Jack’s mother yells from the top floor window and they get serious.

In one enormous tug with their combined strengths they pull the tree right out of the ground. They shout with glee and start clapping and thumping each other’s back.

Then Samuel nudges Simon with his elbow, “Look, there’s old man Santiago, remember he disappeared about 10 years ago?”

And all four pairs of eyes stare at a pair of pin striped trousers with no legs.

(174 words)

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Thank you Priceless Joy for hosting this and Shivangi Singh for the photo prompt


16 thoughts on “FFFAW – Jack chop down that tree!

    1. Hi Louise! could be the one of the boys knew something to identify those pin striped trousers so quickly? I wanted to go with buried treasure but found the word count held me back. Thank you for your lovely comment my dear!


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