TLT : the sign

Written for Three Line Tales. Thank you Sonya for this lovely prompt!


photo by Fleur Treurniet via Unsplash

He’s struggling with the books, she’s skipping empty handed beside him, “Hey, help me!” he fumes, but when they are sitting and reading together, taking notes, right side her story, left his, he softens.

She skips by and pulls his hand to follow her outside, reluctantly he goes out into the street and she points to the sign in the window.

“I told you the sign would appear, the books said so, now we can finally return home, let’s go”. He sighs, she’s always right, darn it!

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Trust you heart if the seas catch fire ~ e.e cummings

12 thoughts on “TLT : the sign

    1. Hi Jane! I did have a story forming with these two, they started in a cabin and ended up here in the city taking their fantasy with them. I might patch them all up together one day. Thank you for stopping by.


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