Purpose – free verse





between Secrets and Sadness

Purpose sat dressed in black

she loved her sisters dearly

but they were a torment



Secrets made her guilty

Sadness weighed her down

both her pretty sisters

always made her frown


between Secrets and Sadness

Purpose wore the widest hat

between tomorrow and today

Purpose always found a way


A dear friend and talented writer, Angela asked if I would like to write something about the photo above. I hope you like it Angela.

It’s from Bojana’s Tell the Story Challenge. Check it out if this photo inspire you too!

Linking up to dVerse Open link night – feel free to link up any of your poems, its no prompt day.


© Gina@alifelesslived

trust your heart if the seas catch fire – e.e. cummings

70 thoughts on “Purpose – free verse

  1. A very clever take on the photo prompt Gina..i love at how you gave that pretty girl in the middle a name, which ar the same time a very strong word that describes and tells our very essence in the world..i too love the idea of the she basically looks different from the two other girls….

    Double my delight is the repetition of this line “between Secrets and Sadness”…it made the poem feeling ligth and flowy …

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    1. she dis look different and that is the power of photography as well as written words, to convey the artist’s hidden emotions yet not reveal anything! i like that you had double delight! i am quite liking this one now too. always love to see thru your lens my dear

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  2. Glenn Buttkus

    Three sisters is a common motif for poetry, literature and the theatre. My wife is the youngest of three sisters. We have three daughters. And so it goes, sibling rivalry and infinite love.

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    1. thank you Dwight, it was exactly that, we are hedged between so many struggles, these are but two but i think they encompass a huge chunk of most people’s problems, there is always a way.

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