The Angel in my dream – poetry

snow falls like ash

Last night an angel visited me
in a dream with no colour
I told him I did not dream
he said no matter
and stayed on in a corner

he watched as I looked
beyond the dark
his translucent wings lit up
the night’s canvas he sprinkled
with stardust

He gave me three clues
to a riddle I could not solve
those I kept in a box
locked with digits I forgot

helplessly looking for a feather
to write on a paperless slab
of salty fig butter
I was pressed by a thousand jars of clay
I clawed my way as he held the dragons at bay

A trinity of wishes awaits you,
he proclaims and twirls
his snow gloved hand above me
and the world ceased to hurt

Snowflakes fall like volcano ash
filling the tired wounds and cracks
and the angel whispers to me
“Forget the numbers you never memorised
That lock has a special key
your heart holds all the answers
only you control the dream”

One night when my soul was drained
just almost before empty
An Angel kept me company
told me stories and shared his energy
gave me clues to complete my journey
as he waited for sunlight to walk in
then he tipped his hat at me
stretched his wings and crawled back to sea

“for my friend with angel’s wings – thank you for the snow”

This poem was written and first posted on Jan 16th, now linking to Lillian’s dream inspired poetics prompt at dverse.

My all time favourite “dream” song is The Mamas and the Papas – Dream a Little Dream of me – it fits the mood today.

Hover over to Dverse for more dream poems, the poets there never disappoint.

Link to my Ebooks on my homepage.

Trust you heart if the seas catch fire ~ e.e cummings

103 thoughts on “The Angel in my dream – poetry

    1. thank you Steve, I sometimes wonder if anyone really understands these images and their impact. thank you for giving the words a place to dance and be strong.

      coming form you, who carves magic out of thin air I am so humbled by your comment.

      yes i love that snow too!

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    1. many thanks Kate. this poem was started a year ago and the angel kept making an appearance till his story had to be told. i found much comfort in his healing presence, an earth angel but one who crossed physical boundaries to offer comfort when it was needed most.

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  1. A very impressive poem Gina, and this stanza enthralled the chasm in my heart…….
    “Snowflakes fall like volcano ash
    filling the tired wounds and cracks
    and the angel whispers to me
    “Forget the numbers you never memorised
    That lock has a special key
    your heart holds all the answers
    only you control the dream” ”

    May peace and kindness continue to follow your heart . think of you from a distant sky…

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  2. If we always look into our hearts there is no mystery as you say the answers were always hidden in plain sight. I will let you know that this is the second day in a row it has been snowing on and off and they say it will continue into the night turning into rain.

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  3. “those mystical connections are the framework of our existence” — Gina G.

    This compelled much reading… of some things about which I have little understanding, of something I wrote myself long ago. Of angels and clay jars, trinities, and forgotten numbers. And of dreams and an awaiting sea. Your own words appeared along the way.

    The picture brings back a memory of my first winter in this place, awakening to the whiteness in the willows against a creek behind my temporary shelter. You can hear your own heart in the silent meditation of such an early morning snow.

    It shall snow again tomorrow.

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    1. did I write that and all those lines you quote!

      It is so amazing to connect through words and thoughts, like they were floating by and we had our butterfly nets ready at the right time to capture them.

      One day we must compare notes about those jars of clay, trinities and forgotten numbers, maybe our angels were carrying the same messages for us.

      i thought that photo was just like angels wings, not neat or sculptured, but messy yet a place of great shelter. and under it yes a silent meditation under its protection.

      I can imagine your winter scene and willow tree and the serene whiteness, one day I hope to see such a pretty view.

      last year around this time I missed a storm in North america but woke up one morning after a heavy snowfall and saw the cold ice that made my heart throb with such a profound feeling of finally coming home to myself.

      more snow? oh yes says my heart.


      1. Jars of clay, numbers, and especially angels… alas, I know little of these things. They caused me to do some reading… actually quite a bit of reading. This is a poem that I feel quite deeply, but I fear I cannot comprehend. But I know of the sea. I do. And when I went back to read of my own dream, I came across your words (at the top).

        I am that person Søren Kierkegaard saw as the prisoner of her own “fear and trembling”. I can recognize the beauty. But you have access to something I do not.

        Yesterday, the town hunkered down. And the wind blew through the trees all night and into the morning. Now it’s all disappearing under a quiet blanket of white. (Some of which I will need to shovel before it gets dark outside.)

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      2. Kierkegaard – one of my rereads this year which I will start in March.

        when I was younger my mother used to reprimand me for saying certain things, I think I scared her a little too much!

        it was hard to translate this particular moment, between awake and sleeping, a limbo of sorts and writing it out gave me clarity though I am sorry it has confused others. As I mentioned to someone lately, I write a lot of mad poetry!

        I am always seeking answers, questions in my head really become chaos and sometimes I get direction, divine intervention when I just let my thoughts be still. or maybe someone stills them for me? the processing takes a lot of focus and energy.

        such a contrast that darkness on white, a place where things can hide in plain sight. be safe in the shoveling and I hope there is prospect of a warm and delicious brew after! be blessed my dear friend

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      3. you are so humble about your gifts, the way you weave knowledge and wisdom and then translate it into something so tangible for your readers. we all possess a deeper understanding of things that matter most to us, we seek validation of our thoughts through our writing. I am very blessed to know you and your words, both have greatly enriched my life.

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  4. What a magical moment you gave us.
    (This moves me profoundly… My dear uncle died recently. He said that God was visiting him every night in the hospital to chat with him and comfort him…he was quite anxious as the staff weren’t sure what was wrong. But then just as they were discussing where to release him for palliative care, he slipped away. He died holding his bible.)

    Thank you for crafting and sharing this beautiful imagery.
    Hope the new year is treating you well xo

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    1. thank you for sharing this story that comes at the right time for me. those angels are real and some are just humans who have been prompted by the spirit to do God’s work here on earth.

      I hope that visit gave your uncle and all of you great comfort as confusing as it was at the time. It is also such a deeply meaningful story for me that maybe those I have lost may have had a similar journey.

      thank you Vanessa for this today.

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      1. Dear Gina,
        Yes, it did…he was too weak to say much at all. And I agree, I believe those things too. We have heard many such things over the years, as well as our own experience.
        I am so happy if this helped you in any way. How beautiful are these woven moments.

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  5. Ultra

    You write wonderful poems.
    In my country it is winter, but the snow has melted, it is cold – 4 degrees below zero and heavy fog. Planes did not take off from Krakow. Regards

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    1. thank you for reading and stopping by. thank you for the mention of snow, it warms my heart this morning fro here there is none. be safe though as you watch the fallen snow. I appreciate your wonderful comment. just stopped by your blog and read some good thoughts from you. be blessed.


  6. Love that Mamas and Papas tune as well. There just was something about them when all their voices blended into song 🙂
    The angel in the corner…..the snow…..the conversation with the angel (or might it be with the self?)…and these words
    “helplessly looking for a feather
    to write on a paperless slab
    of salty fig butter”
    This is an absolutely gorgeous response to the prompt. I am so glad you shared it here today! Thank you!

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    1. I am grateful for your prompt. And yes that was probably a conversation with the illogical part of my brain! that song holds many good memories, their voices are angelic.


    1. thank you Merril, magical realism…wow thank you for that comparison, too grand but very appreciated. there was an overlapping of waking and dreaming events, you felt it quite right. yes that song puts me in a good mood every time. thank you for your sensitive reading today.

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  7. Those whispers certainly felt like they were heavenly

    “Forget the numbers you never memorised
That lock has a special key
your heart holds all the answers
only you control the dream”

    Magical and soft Gina, I read this amidst a whirl or imagined snowflakes.

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  8. I’m just about to call it a day here, it’s an inky black Indian sky here and the day has been long. I’m happily tired and ready to curl up for sleep and I came here for one last read and you stun me with your angel…. its like crying joy, what kind of emotion do angels stir… this, crying joy. Thankyou for a stunning read. That place between awake and asleep, that’s where we really breathe m sure 😇

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    1. thank you so much for reading and your comment really touches my heart, this post was really important to me to show the energy that surrounds us when we need it the most. Fallen angels come in all disguises, they are special too.


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