what’s a day – poetry

view of my city

Monday is a snail of a day
slow and lethargic it moves
knowing Tuesday is not far away
it lumbers on singing the blues

like a kitten on its first solo walk
Tuesday purrs bravely at the hope in store
that Wednesday will not be the day to sulk
a little hump in the road and nothing more

as the lion of Wednesday
roars and leaps full steam ahead
nothing is more special than Thursday
like breakfast of butter on toasted bread

as the evening of the fourth day winds down
Friday stirs like a hungry bear
asleep for far too long, at dawn
it eyes the bounty of a weekend fare

A frolic and party Saturday is all about
it is free like any bird with wings,
a nosy porcupine with a runny snout
eyeing a line of drinks as the karaoke sings

And on Sunday the creatures all here below
tidy their little nests, whether in sun or snow
and sleepily crawl back into their shells
not ready for a new week and dread the morning bells

Sarah asks what day is it anyway over at dVerse, it has been a very crazy busy week for me, and I wrote this as I waited for a meeting to begin, it is rough and messy but I think represents a week quite nicely! Pop over to the pub for more, the poets have much to say! Will be back over the weekend to read all your lovely posts I have been missing.

Link to my Ebooks on my homepage.

Trust you heart if the seas catch fire ~ e.e cummings

54 thoughts on “what’s a day – poetry

  1. I truly enjoyed this, Gina!! You gave life and personality to each day in a unique way! The weeks seem to fly by for me–and I often “lose” a day, as I’m an incurable night owl–so when I get up, I’m not sure if it’s yesterday or tomorrow! 🙂 Great writing, Bravo!!

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    1. thank you dear Rhen! haha I am a morning person and eagerly wait for daybreak, so much the day has to offer sometimes I am at the edge of my seat with joy. time passes too quickly I agree, I hope we get to savour more of each day. Blessings to you dear one.


  2. Love love love all the similes and metaphors you gave for every day. Each day of the week truly felt like a real, living thing through this poem. You’ve absolutely captured the essence of the week! This was so awesome to read, Gina 😍

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    1. thank you Jade, I had so much fun writing this one, thinking about what each day represented, not over thinking for once! I am so happy you enjoyed the little skip through the week, your comments are always precious to me.

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