weightless – poetry

Langkawi Island, Malaysia – December 2019

I am Liquid bone
Sieved through time
Strained against a life
Of rivers flowing
And ending in seas

I am flesh torn and rubbed raw
A collection of imprints
Unraveling like blue tattoos
Across pale moonlit skin

I am the covering of all
And of nothing, boneless
Inappropriately mentioned
Sour on your tongue

I am parts, a discard
Disembodied but full
Following no rules
I pattern at will

I am you, who sees
Beyond borders
And secrets
Quiet now, be still

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Trust you heart if the seas catch fire ~ e.e cummings


63 thoughts on “weightless – poetry

    1. Much about the sea or just water in general inspires me. Also the book I read on the weekend, this poem is sort of its summary of my feelings. Such wonderful words from you…. Mysterious hmmm… I like that very much. Thank you.

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  1. Wow!! Amazing, dear Gina! You have so effectively created the sense of weightlessness, a sense a diffuseness, a presence but non-presence. My favourite lines;

    A collection of imprints
Unraveling like blue tattoos
Across pale moonlit skin

    Your metaphors evoke such vivid images.

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  2. A weightless spirit bird, sifting and flowing in time… what a magical and mystical supernatural concept……you have my imagination shooting arrows through the stars…. Oh, I need to find a suitable song for this magnificent piece of poetry……Yeah…here it is….🎵🌏🌝

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      1. Oh, did like the song, I’d heard it before, but that was the 1st time I’d seen that video version, it’s only had a 1000 view’s, so we’re like the debut audience 😁😁

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  3. Iris

    This is so fantastic.
    I especially like these lines:
    “I am Liquid bone”I am flesh torn and rubbed raw
    A collection of imprints
    Unraveling like blue tattoos”
    “I am the covering of all
    And of nothing”
    “I am parts, a discard
    Disembodied but full”
    “I pattern at will”

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  4. This poem made me feel like I was floating on waves and not caring, or even wanting, to be taken away. The water can be like an ever-changing second skin that hides and heals, that brings together and also pulls apart. Hauntingly lovely!!

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    1. I learnt about automatic writing and just allowed the words to flow, very cathartic I must say, focusing on a photo of my choice, this poem had no edit! writing experiments can produce some interesting work don’t you think?

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      1. Absolutely! That’s one of the reasons I enjoy prompts. Being stretched as a writer can produce some wonderful things. And quite brave to publish without edits! Of course, with your writing skills, there probably isn’t much to improve on.


  5. I couldn’t comment on this right away, because it reflects an intensity that I’ve learned to approach with great caution. I’m assuming a significance to the photo, unknown to me in the context of a previous comment. So I wanted to write my last post before responding here. Thank you for the interaction there.
    This also caused me to go back and find my shots from Langkawi in the early 2000’s, before it had become so “domesticated” (which perhaps justifies an article). The adventure (and that’s what it was) ultimately inspired my acquisition of a “Steripen” (portable UV water sterilizer) that nowadays accompanies me on all trips in Asia. At one point, completely “decked” for three entire days, I seriously considered that I might not survive. So your photo and the accompanying verse seemed appropriate in a manner that I’m sure you didn’t intend. And please, feel free to laugh about that.

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    1. As my posts are often my own personal journal of life the accompanying photo was selected due to our previous conversation. It was a place of huge dreams and great disappointment. I needed to connect my words with a photo and two came to mind. Another I posted on Instagram of crashing waves.

      We drink Unfiltered water, our bodies have accustomed to it. We are Hardy in that way but weak in others.

      I am so touched you take the time to read and digest the words and meaning, few ever see beyond the surface or rush thru.

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      1. Thank you… though I still managed to somehow end up in Queensland. (It was the reference to the “highlands of the central range”.) My apologies.

        I’m a technical writer, raised on “Filtered Water”, but that will dry out a wild spirit. Southeast Asia was a desperate refuge in an Unfiltered Sea. We become accustomed to many things, each in our own way.

        If you click on my icon and go to my Gravitar profile, you’ll see that I have another page. The header is of Phnom Penh in 2002. The only entry for that site is beneath, words to some music I wrote a long time back. Lightness Traveling’s “About” page.

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  6. Hush now Gina….this soothes my heart and calms my soul.


    I read and record this poem, then had to listen to the recorded reading as i close my eyes….its relaxing…your thougths just flows perfectly.

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    1. making me tear up now Mich dear, a recording how much grace you give this poem. I am so happy if this could give your soul calmness, hope you are better now after such a time. so blessed to have you in my life.

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