in the soft shallow

Evoke the forms. Where you’ve nothing else construct ceremonies out of the air and breathe upon them. – The Road – Cormack McCarthy

Australia, Nov 2019

In the soft shallow of a place where you once dreamed of rivers that ran from cracks that spilled over your skin every night the water he offers you sustains. His warmth that you clung to when darkness found its way home to your heart remains forever.

Before the ice formed around your thoughts and broke your every dream and in that space between knowing where you had been and what you almost never did the truth outweighs your guilt. He holds you close to his tired heart and whispers sleep onto your skin.

This burden of being human is more than I can carry on this journey to myself.  I must stop and find rest between the rush of emotions mankind leaks upon this landscape of a calendar year.

But we hardly have enough days to form the tapestry we desire, the threads keep unraveling the days keep sliding by and we are left with the memories shaped from scents and photographs we imagined once stood in our bedroom. And he cradles your hopes for they are his too.

And just as abruptly it all ends and someone else writes the story we began.



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