A candle burning in the rain

I saw a candle in the rain
I thought the water drops would snuff out
But the flame flickered strong
The rain came down
Harder, fuller drops

I saw the light bloom
In the hazy morning mist
Equatorial raindrops
Pearls in the sun
Tears heaven shed

I saw a candle burning in the rain
Oxidising water in air
I wondered
What pattern this rhythm made
Deep within water’s secret space?

Today is the eve of the year of the Rabbit. *”2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit, which previously occurred in 1963. The Water Rabbit is said to have the ability to turn unfortunate events around”. Many will find comfort in those words. And comfort promotes courage. The encouragement we all need to carry on.

This morning my neighbour began preparing for the annual Lunar New Year prayer offering. Her husband lit 2 candles and some prayer joss sticks.

It started as a light drizzle but by the time they’d set up the offering table on their porch the raindrops were building in size and momentum. I saw the 2 candles bravely weather the rain.

If you have lived in South East Asia you’ll know what I mean about those huge raindrops, that sting and explode!

As I watched the candles burn in the rain I thought of the words of Masaru Emoto in “The Secret Life of Water”. *”His experiments showed human thoughts and intentions can physically alter the molecular structure of water. Specifically, the water crystals were altered simply through conscious intention. Every water molecule creates a pattern when energy is applied to it.” I wondered what pattern would emerge from the combined forces of heat, light and sound? What pattern emerges around your heart and mind when you allow life’s energy to take its natural course?

Take comfort in those words that make your heart resilient. By your own acceptance of what will be, the future is already bright and shiny.

Much like the view I had today, of a candle bravely burning in the rain.


  • taken from Wikipedia

27 thoughts on “A candle burning in the rain

  1. Hello! Hello! I’m so glad to be able to visit you, dear Gina! It’s been too long. Happy Year of the Water Rabbit! I love the quote from Emoto – your poem captured beautifully that secret life.

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  2. It did rain the other night and like Val, i could imagine your candle burning through the rain..may this year bring more peace and prosperity to all of us..❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Thank you Ally. You and me both. A really difficult past few years. I pray this year we both find deeper healing and feel their energy surround us with love and lights. Big love and lots of hugs back to you.

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  4. thank you Ivor and a “hoppy” new year to you too! You are a metal rabbit then! You’ll be completing 6 cycles of the rabbit zodiac, congratulations. That is a haunting song, that was a troubled time for the countries in South East Asia,

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  5. A happy New Year to you Gina, and may your candle always burn brightly … oh, my birthyear 1951, was the year of the Rabbit … and this was my favourite ‘peace’ song in 1970

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