Have you read my books?

Dear friends, readers and newcomers,

It’s been a while since I mentioned the books I have self-published. Self-promotion is a weird business for me so I’ll make the intro really brief. Maybe you would like to download one or two or maybe more, they are all available for FREE on Smashwords.

Follow the link after each excerpt to get to the book title.

Thank you so very much and I hope you will enjoy the stories.



A mysterious woman comes to town with jars and oranges. She helps a chocolatier feel joy again and create some Valentine magic in a snowy town.

She paid the gypsy two jars for her fortune to be told, her crystal ball smelled of a pack of cigarettes, the beads partitioning the entrance caught the light and reflected the hope Teresa felt as the gypsy woman’s fingers stroked the smoky orb.

“You will meet him in the month of the Sow Moon,” she murmurs and rolls her eyes as she predicts Teresa’s love of a life time, it’s too smoky and Teresa coughs desperately.

“Excuse me, but I asked about jam not a man,” Teresa frowns with distaste of the whole charade, but the gypsy has her fingers sticky with sweet jam and lips sealed tight in delight.


  • THE REAL GIRL by Gina Gallyot

A girl with memory loss, a boy who has the answers. Fate brings them together on the cusp of the vernal equinox in a shattered world.

One night he works up his courage. He sits under the back porch light, along the dirty alley, thinking of something to get her talking about herself and start remembering. He worries she won’t listen to him; he ponders under the light and watches as the moths take flight. He hears her coming.

The back door creaks open and she appears, in a dark green dress that makes her look younger than her features, she sits beside him on the narrow bench. The air is filled with static. Though the factories are far away, the current it generates never dissipates across the miles. The hum in the air holds the arc of time between them. He knows he must break the ice but he doesn’t know how to start. Then she begins to speak.


  • THE OLD BOOK SHOP BY Gina Gallyot

A bookshop owner is visited by eccentric customers. He lives in the bookshop with his cat, Monty. One day a woman reveals something important from his past. A story about family bonds and the strength of love.

“Hey lady! Hold on a minute, show me what you just took from my shop!” I try to sound as rude as I can at this early hour, before I have even had my coffee, the cheek of this lady! But she ignores me and walks to the door and Monty follows her. What is going on? Monty stop at once, no more following customers out, Monty get back here now! But neither Monty nor browser lady with the cane and eyes like mud pools hear me. I scratch my unshaven face and sigh.


  • THE BOOK OF STARS by Gina Gallyot

The earth is covered in ice and snow, some hate it, others love the cold. On the winter solstice night, fates will align and change will take place, an icy cold world longs for sun and warmth, three time travelers have the power to restore light. The secret lies in their combined powers and a book.

The brothers are stunned. What creature is this?

Idar the eldest of the two suggest they take her home, their father would know what to do with her. Like he knew about the bundle they found left on their doorstep that morning, it contained a long coat and a book with no writing yet Father said it was worth something, they liked the ice globe it was pretty but Father snatched it away before they could look closely. Beka the younger agrees and so they untangle her wings, cracking the ice around her and lift her out of the bushes and place her in their hunting sack. She fights to be released. But the brothers are stronger and she is overpowered.


  • RAW EARTH by Gina Gallyot

The struggle to protect Earth from invasion and destruction. When humans became too greedy and stripped earth of her resources, the last water source must be protected.

He treads slowly through the grey grassland, ash settling in his wake, dusty clusters of bones lying in the heaps of forgotten tragedies. He picks his way through the dry cutting edges of a thousand blades. The nicks on his skin drips blood. His blood streaks bold yellow lines on his pale white skin.

As he continues towards the Far Mountains in the North he calculates the time it would take for him to reach the river, measuring the portions of the stars in the dying sky. Soon the light will disappear; the final light of the century. He does not have much time.


  • FULL PRICED LOVE by Gina Gallyot

A love story, also a story about tough choices and the fragility of human life. A deeply poignant love story. How much will you do for the one you love? What cost will you be prepared to bear for that love?

He is shocked when her roommate tells him, about her diagnosis and how she has escaped to her parent’s place. Her father still owns the colour print shop, run down just like her parents; he thinks as they show him in.

She is lying down in the backroom, beautiful against the soft dim light, faded by life’s intensity and the burden she carries. Almost like a photograph time forgot to colour.

“Stacey, you can run but I will follow and bring you home to me, each and every time.” And he kisses her tears as she reaches out for his hand.

“This relationship has no discount tag. Full priced love.” he says as he holds her safely in his arms.



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